Podcast Episode 2 – Available now


This week, I am releasing Episode 2 of Voces desde y para los mercados. You can find the episode on this website or my page.

This interview with Felipe Rangel, a Brazilian academic from the Universidade de São Paulo, was a fantastic opportunity to explore how work issues and struggles for the right to work intertwine with marketplace governance.

In this conversation, Felipe takes us into Bairro de Brás to discuss the vendors’ perceptions about their own work and the new urban agendas impacting marketplace governance in São Paulo. His account of the emergence of the so-called “shoppings populares” sheds light on the privatisation of popular marketplaces and their exclusionary effects.

What Felipe shares with us in this episode is part of his PhD research, which was awarded by the Associação Brasileira de Estudos do Trabalho and published as a book in 2021. You can find A Empresarização dos Mercados Populares: Trabalho e formação excludente on the Fino Traço Editora’s website.

Episode 3 will be available next week!