The podcast series Voices from the Marketplace has been devised as an opportunity to have informal interviews with market traders in Mexico City and academics who have devoted time to studying marketplaces. Each episode is part of an international conversation on marketplace governance as part of the ESRC-funded project Popular infrastructural politics: Connecting grassroots knowledge and practice on marketplace governance. The objective of each episode is to showcase the work done and the projects to come in which my guests are or have been involved in recent years.

This podcast series currently prioritises the participation of Spanish-speaking guests, as it builds on networks primarily based in Mexico City and Latin America. Future episodes will feature the work of English-speaking traders and academics as part of an ongoing project that seeks to depict the diverse research and political experiences concerning marketplaces. The series alternates between interviews with market traders and academics.


  1. Interview with Oscar Hernández
    In the first episode of this series, Oscar Hernández González tells us about his experience as one of the youngest leaders of the Mexico City public markets’ network.
  2. Interview with Felipe Rangel
    In this episode, I introduce Felipe Rangel, a postdoctoral researcher at the University of São Paulo, whose research helps us understand how work experiences and struggles unfold in Brazilian marketplaces.
  3. Interview with Claudia Hernández
    In this interview with Claudia Hernández Castillo, from the Peña Manterola Market in Mexico City, she tells us about her long-standing work as a trader and cultural and marketplace promoter.
  4. Interview with Tania Eneva
    In this interview, Tania Eneva (Stoyanka Andreeva Eneva) tells us how she began researching marketplaces and built collaborations to explore the impact of gentrification on market traders and local residents in Spain and Bulgaria.
  5. Interview with Gabriela Zahuita
    In this episode, Gabriela Zahuita shares with us her views on what it means to become a young market trader representative and cultural promoter in Mercado Tepito 60 Ropa y Telas.

“Voces desde y para los mercados” uses the following piece for its Intro y Outro: Town Market by Blue Dot Sessions, which is under a CC BY-NC 4.0 licence and is available on Free Music Archive.

The episodes of “Voces desde y para los mercados” are under a CC BY-NC 4.0 licence. They are also available on my personal page.