This section compiles a commented list of open access resources concerning marketplaces and trader communities. By no means this is a comprehensive list, but it contains materials that may work as entry points for those interested in this field or as useful materials to devise strategies to preserve and improve marketplaces from a grassroots perspective.

  • Interviews with market traders on digital activism
    A dataset develop as part of the project Popular infrastructural politics: Connecting grassroots knowledge and practice on marketplace governance. These interview transcripts provide insights into the traders’ adoption of digital technologies and practices for political purposes.
  • Markets4People
    A site linked to the ESRC funded project Understanding and Enhancing the Community Value of Traditional Retail Markets in UK Cities. It provides useful information about retail markets in the UK and its Findings section gives access to reports and handbooks relevant for market traders, managers and policy makers.
  • Permanecer en La Merced
    Developed collaboratively by Left Hand Rotation, Contested Cities and the participants of the “Gentrificación no es un nombre de señora” workshop, this community-led website provides information about the struggles of La Merced Market traders in Mexico City.
  • Museo de los Desplazados
    A collaborative platform that includes audiovisual material about various case studies: Corona Market, Guadalajara, Mexico; La Parada Market, Lima, Peru; Women’s Market, Sofía, Bulgaria; and San Roque Market, Quito, Ecuador. These are part of a broader discussion on the conflicts engender by gentrification processes.